Use Audio Ad and enjoy its benefits.

Audio-Ad hasproven a very powerful, targeted communication platform.We can increase your brand communication impact, by sending audio spots to thousands of your clients, using automated phone calling services.


Turn potential customers into
passionate brand advocates

We believe in one touch point: life. Our secret recipe for engaging campaigns: mix and match all the necessary ingredients, in order to create a strong vibe among the customers. Integrated campaigns are a sign of brand maturity and we make sure the voice is loud enough to be heard. We take your brand where it belongs: out there. Everywhere.


We ignite brand love

Every memorable experience in someone’s life is an event. We have the know-how to design memorable events. Corporate conferences, meetings, product launches, team buildings, gala events or just a simple sampling -you name it, we plan it. We enhance the image of your brand, through a sensorial approach. We get you closer to the consumer.


Ride the digital wave

We checked in since the Internet was considered to be the future. Now it is the present. We are the up to date surfersof the new media. There is no computer screen or phone display that can keep us away from the consumers. When the door is closed, we enter through Windows.


Boldly different. Always inspiring.

To be or not to be creative, is a question we never ask ourselves. We do it by default. We take great pride in our integrated 360 marketing campaigns, media concepts, social media campaigns and apps, classic art and design services, througha variety of media channels.


Define what your brand stands for

The first step towards strong communication is a mindful approach of strategy and planning.From there, we can go creatively wild. As Jef I. Richards said, “creativity without strategy is art, while creativity with strategy is advertising”.